P110 - Wire Rope Lifting System


The Wire Rope Lifting System is an economical lifting loop for utility type structures. It is used in either face or edge lifts applications and is "mucked" into the surface of the concrete. The galvanized wire rope is formed in a figure-8 shape, with the ends of the rope secured by a positive swaged clamp, and a steel band at approximately the midpoint to establish the proper shape. The Wire Rope Lifting System is embedded 2/3 of its length into the concrete. The hardware must be standard hook or clevis with a diameter at least twice the rope diameter. Each anchor has a color-coded tag which identifies the SWL in tension of the anchor.


  • 7 standard sizes – handles most precast applications up to 10,000 lb SWL
  • Mucked into surface – no recess members required by the precaster
  • Uses standard jobsite Crosby Hooks – no hardware purchases required by precaster.
  • Galvanized wire rope – reduces rusting of the anchor
  • Can be cut off or left exposed – reduces labor cost for precaster
  • Economical – for the cost conscious precaster