P38 Corewall® Slotted Insert II


The Corewall Slotted Insert II is the next generation product in the Corewall legacy. The design has been improved to create a higher load capacity and greater ease to install the product. With six different product options, the Corewall Slotted Insert II will meet any application. This product is an addition to the Corewall Slotted Inserts P30 and P31 which have been specified and used by precasters for over 20 years.
  • One piece steel tapered body - utilizes concrete strength and eliminates pullout possibility 
  • Open leg design - easy to position around steel during installation after concrete is in place 
  • 3/4”-10 Special Nut - bears on top and sides of body creating stronger load capacities 
  • Load capacities up to 26,000# Ultimate in tension using 5,000 psi concrete - providing the strength needed to attach your panels to the building frame 
  • Plastic void former with removable cap - no removing of foam or concrete from void saving time and labor 
  • J-Coat finish - economical choice to fit the project needs 
  • 3 Insert Heights - a product to fit any panel thickness 
  • 3 Insert Lengths - 2.5” to 6.5” of connection adjustment during panel erection
• 7 gauge one piece steel tapered body
• One piece plastic void former and removable plastic cap
• 3/4” - 10 Special design nut
• 3 Insert heights - 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5”
• 3 Insert lengths - 4”, 5”, and 6”
• Threaded strap anchor for attachment to building frame