PLW - Aztec® E-Z Lok Wheel™


Dayton Superior manufactures a complete line of rebar and/or mesh supports. All Dayton Superior rebar supports are manufactured to the recommendations or specifications of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI).
Made from engineered composite resins, the E-Z Lok Wheel was designed for use in situations where a lightweight wheel is not sufficient to maintain proper location of the reinforcement. Once attached, this wheel will stay in place.  The unique symmetrical design maintains a consistent cover, regardless of the rebar size. With a wider hub, the E-Z Lok Wheel will not rack or fall off. The E-Z Lok Wheel offers flexibility and strength with multiple hub diameters for rebar sizes from 3/8" (No. 3) to 3/4" (No. 6) and is furnished in a variety of clearances. It is suitable for use with larger diameters of welded wire fabric. The wheel will not change shape and will always provide uniform concrete cover. The E-Z Lok Wheel is perfect for any vertical application where concrete cover must be maintained and is the ultimate side form spacer when strength counts.
  • Multiple hub diameter for rebar sizes #3 to #6
  • Designed for medium- to heavy-duty projects
  • Wider locking hub eliminates "racking" and will not fall off
  • Industry choice for use in heavy columns
  • Once locked onto rebar, this wheel will not change shape and will always provide uniform cover

Meets all requirements and qualifies as a CRSI Class 1 Bar Support.



Side-Form Spacer

Cover Height:

From 1-1/2" to 4"

Please note: Concrete cover is defined as the distance from where the reinforcement sits in the hub of the wheel to the outside of the wheel (where it contacts the form).