T110 - Superior Lift System for Tilt-Up


Combine the strongest insert in the tilt-up industry with the strongest engineering support and you get Dayton Superior's new T110 Superior Lifting System. It is the ideal time-and-money saving solution for the heavier, taller and more complex panels now being designed.

This system consists of a forged foot anchor, 4-leg wire base and plastic void former. The insert is positioned with the void direction toward the top of the panel and then is tied in place to the rebar cage. The T120 Superior Lifting Hardware allows quick attachment to the insert and ground release after panel has been erected and braced.
  • Fewer Inserts required
  • Up to 70% less crane time
  • Lower installation and erection cost
The T110 Superior Lift Inserts are shipped assembled, ready to go and are sized 1/8” less than the panel thickness.