T6A and T6S - Brace Anchor

Accessories | Tilt-Up

The Dayton Superior T6A and T6S Brace Anchors are 3/4" diameter coil inserts designed to be easily positioned and tied into the rebar mat of a tilt-up panel.   The T6A and T6S anchors are available with plastic-dipped, plastic-tipped or stainless steel feet and with a T21 or T22 Locator Plug factory-installed.  T6A and T6S are used with B14 Coil Bolts.
  • T6A features 0.262" wire
  • T6S Features 0.375" wire
  • T6A and T6S anchors are furnished with plastic tipped feet and a T21 Locator Plug
  • T6A and T6S anchors are available with plastic dipped or stainless steel feet on special order
  • T6A and T6S anchors are used with B14 coil bolt.
  • The minimum coil penetration is 2-1/4”
  • Setback from top of the panel to coil insert is 3/8”
  • Corner or edge distances less than 1.5 times the embedment depth will proportionally reduce these ACI 318, App. D concrete limited capacities.
  • Maximum Ultimate Load is 20,000 lbs for T6A and 36,000 lbs for T6S